Intro to Sky Frame Co.

SkyFrame is a Russian animation company which is known as P.N.Sebyan in Iran and SAENO in Germany. This company has two large and creative studios; an industrial production studio that produces high amount of production with fast production speed. This studio is producing two series that are called “the Thundar” and “the little Hosna”. The other studio pays more attention to quality of the productions. “The dolphin boy”, a feature animated film and “the Jingliks”, a famous animated series and some other short animated movies are producing there. The artists of these studios have over 15 years history of professional working in animation industry.



Poster_The Return


Утро России. Эфир от 14.05.2019 from JingleKids TV on Vimeo.

Иранский ко-продакшн “Джингликов”